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I. Definitions:
The terms used in the contents of these regulations mean respectively:
  • Regulations – rules of electronic provision of services by Platinum Oil Wielkopolskie Centrum Dystrybucji sp. z o.o.;
  • Platinum Oil – the limited liability company providing services and operating under the name Platinum Oil Wielkopolskie Centrum Dystrybucji sp. z o.o., having its registered office in Baranowo, 3-5 Budowlanych Street, registered in the Register of Entrepreneurs of the National Court Register under KRS no. 0000096096, and whose registration files are kept by the District Court in Poznań – Nowe Miasto and Wilda in Poznań, 8th Commercial Division of the National Court Register, with the share capital of  PLN 1,169,000.00, using the assigned Tax Identification Number  (NIP) 777-15-95-696 and REGON (Statistical Identification Number) 630768006;
  • User – a natural person who uses the Services and meets the requirements set out in the Regulations;
  • Agreement – agreement, the subject of which is the Service provision, concluded pursuant to the Regulations between Platinum Oil and a given User, with its content determined by the Regulations;
  • Website – a website, the Web address of which is www.platinumoil.eu, and which is used by Platinum Oil to provide Services to its Users,
  • Services – services that are provided electronically by Platinum Oil and that consist in displaying information on a user’s demand via the websites that constitute the Website
II. General provisions:
  • If you begin to use the Services, it means you accept the Regulations.
  • Platinum Oil is both the owner and the administrator of the Website.
  • These Regulations are not an offer under the Civil Code.
  • The materials made available to the Users via the Website, as well as the appearance and the content of the Website are legally protected pursuant to the Act on Copyright and Neighbouring Rights of 4th February 1994 (i.e. Journal of Laws of 2006, no. 90, item 631, as amended).
  • All the hyperlinks on the Website are only there for the Users’ convenience. Platinum Oil state clearly that it has no influence on the appearance and the contents published on the websites that those hyperlinks direct to.
  • Hyperlinks to the Website can only be placed on other websites following the consent of Platinum Oil.
  • The Services are intended for the Users’ personal use and neither its part nor the whole of the Service can be used for other purposes.
  • Platinum Oil reserves and the User agrees, that it shall not be rendered liable for any possible damage arising from the use and the inability to use the Services, and that all the risks related to the use of the Website shall be incurred by the User.
  • Platinum Oil informs the Users that, considering the public character of the Internet network, via which it provides Services by the use of the Website, using these Services may entail certain risks.
  • Platinum Oil states that during the maintenance works of telecommunication and IT systems, the access to our Services may be hindered or even impossible, for which the liability of Platinum Oil shall be excluded. However, Platinum Oil promises to spare no efforts to make sure that such difficulties occur as rarely as possible or last for the shortest possible period of time.
III. Conditions of service provision:
  • In order to be able to use the Services, the following technical requirements need to be met:
    • Internet connection;
    • the Web browser: Internet Explorer 5.0 or newer, or Firefox 1.5 or newer, which makes it possible to display hypertext documents (HTML), which are connected in the Internet through the WWW network service, on a screen of a personal computer;
    • computer software Adobe Flash Player 9.0 or newer.
  • Only a natural person who:
    • is thirteen years old or older and has not been incapacitated even partially;
    • accepted the Regulations;
can be the User.
  • When using the Services, Users cannot make use of illegal contents, especially those that are offensive, vulgar or obscene, at odds with the principles of community life or good manners; they also cannot abuse the means of electronic communication in a way that causes either the loss of work stability or the overload of telecommunication and IT systems that are directly or indirectly involved in the Service provision.
  • The User cannot in any way use the Services to encourage other Users to communicate circumventing the Services, publish internet addresses of websites offering competitive services, conduct sales, door-to-door selling or advertising activity, as well as to mention the addresses of websites that contain information of this kind and to intentionally mislead people in matters in any way connected with the use of the Services. 
  • The use of the Services is free of charge, with the reservation that Platinum Oil shall not be charged with the costs of the Internet connection and the costs arising from the use of equipment that the User needs in order to use the Services. 

IV. Agreement:
  • Each time, the agreement is concluded for the period beginning when the User starts using the Services and ending when he ceases to actively use them, and these Regulations are its integral part.
  • Conclusion of this Agreement is not a conclusion, or cannot be the basis for a claim for the conclusion of an agreement on the assignment of the above-mentioned proprietary rights in part or in whole by the authorized entity to the User.
  • The conclusion of this Agreement entitles the User to use the Services, as well as to download or print the whole or part of the Website, however, on condition that it will be for the User’s own, non-commercial purpose and will respect the rights of the authorized entities
V.    Commercial information:
By accepting the provisions of the Regulations, the User consents to receive commercial information under the provisions of the Act on Electronic Provision of Services of 18th July 2002 (Journal of Laws No. 144, item 1204, as amended), as well as to receive different questionnaire forms, with the reservation that the User will be free to decide whether or not to answer them.
VI. Privacy policy:
  • Platinum Oil reserves the right and the User agrees, to anonymously publish at its sole choice and discretion the content of both the questions about the Services sent by the User to Platinum Oil and the answers to them.
  • Platinum Oil reserves the right to use all the planes of the functioning of the Website to conduct commercial and advertising actions among the Users, especially, but not only, by means of sending advertising, information and commercial contents, as well as those regarding the products and services provided by both Platinum Oil and third parties.
  • Platinum Oil represents that it pays particular attention to the Users’ privacy protection, and uses adequate organizational and technical means to ensure that.
  • Platinum Oil informs that it is possible to use the Services only with the use of a pseudonym.
  • Platinum Oil represents that it processes personal data of the User on the basis of the User’s consent, and partly on the basis of a statutory authorization.
  • Platinum Oil informs that the disclosure of personal data by the User is voluntary, and the User has the right to access and change them.
  • Platinum Oil informs that the Website uses the “cookie” files, which makes it possible to adjust to a certain degree the Service provision to the individual needs and preferences of the User and helps to work out the statistical data regarding the usage of the Services.
VII. Complaints:
  • All the complaints about the using of Services by the User can be lodged in writing to the address of the Platinum Oil office, otherwise it is null and void.
  • The complaints shall be lodged within 7 (seven) days of the event that justifies the complaint.
  • The complaint shall include the name, surname as well as the correspondence address of the User that lodges the complaint as well as a concise description of the event justifying the complaint together with its justification.
  • The complaint that was lodged correctly will be examined within 21 (twenty one) days of its receipt  and the User who lodged it shall be informed about the stance of Platinum oil via an e-mail sent to a given correspondence address.
VIII. Final provisions:
  • Platinum Oil reserves the right to amend the Regulations.
  • Amendments to the Regulations shall be effective as of the date they are published on the Website.
  • In matters not provided for in the Regulations, the provisions of the Polish law, especially the Civil Code and other Acts, shall apply.
  • If necessary, any disputes arising from the use of the Services by the User shall be settled by a Polish common court of law in Poznań.
  • Should any of the provisions of the Regulations are deemed or declared null and void by a legally binding decision of a court, all the remaining provisions of the Regulations, shall remain in force.
IX. Version:
The Regulations in their current version shall be effective as of 2nd February 2009.